Blessing of plants.
That is our answer.

Use of raw materials derived from plants, grown in the environments that are appropriate for the growth of each of them.
Being strict in choosing the ingredients, to pick the best-possibly natural ingredients.
Our belief is very simple.
Now and future, we stay simple and honest to sincerely face the blessing of plants.
This is our answer, and our promise.

*Our lab worker

Water, Plants, and Technology.
They are the factors that constitute BOTANIST.

The fact is that the main ingredient consisting shampoo and body soap is the water.
For this, we use clean water and pursue the optimum balance between “carefully-selected plant derived ingredients” and “technology”.

We make every effort to find out the best balance for its feeling of use, function, and fragrance.
As the result of the trial and error, our products got to gain high satisfaction among users.

As the cleansing ingredient for Botanical Shampoo, we use gentle and mild surfactant.
Formulated with Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate*1 from coconut palm,
we realize gentle cleansing, while securing the excellent feeling of use with rich, creamy lather.

The treatment is formulated with ingredients such as Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil*2, Glycerin*2, and Hydrolyzed Keratin*3, which bring tangle-free smoothness.
Realizing a desirable level of finish with fine and delicate workmanship.

Nature and Technology.
Believing both as essential elements, we, even at this moment, keep pursuing the way to elevate the power of our <Botanical Formula> with its optimum balance.
*1 Cleansing agent *2 Moisturizing agent *3 Hair repairing agent

Your lifestyle is
connected to the world.

‘When choosing my necessities, I want to pick things made in consideration of the environment.’

This thought will surely be getting more and more important and indispensable for us.

Every choice we make in our daily lives is linked to future.
It is nobody but us who can change and create a better world.