Natural Plant-Derived Ingredients

The BOTANIST Brand is for daily use. It is not made from artificial ingredients but is a balanced combination of plant-derived raw materials to work gently on human hair, as well as the environment, bringing healthy beauty to the scalp and hair.

Soap Ingredients with the Gifts of Nature

The active plant-derived soap ingredients* made from fatty acid is similar to the natural oils in human skin. They condition the skin and scalp ideally to a moist finish, without losing necessary oils.

*The soap ingredients are of mild acidity.

Gentle on the Environment

BOTANIST prioritizes the biodegradable quality of its soap ingredients, and selecting “cleansing” elements with high biodegradability. Our Brand takes the environment into consideration as well as the customers.

Moisture and Shine

Aging Care* provides the skin with the moisture and sparkle that usually fades after the teen years. The product removes unnecessary impurities with gentle cleansing ingredients. Ceramide 2, PRG-30 phytosterol, and nano-hyaluronic acid (water-soluble hyaluronic acid) condition the skin, adding and maintaining moisture.

*Aging Care is an age-specific treatment.

Double Fragrance

The scent rises high as the shampoo is applied. Then the refined and calming aroma of treatment follows pleasantly. Specially selected double fragrances work perfectly and they are always refreshing and pleasing. The aroma embraces you.

Fine Bubbles

As shampoo contains soap ingredients of mild acidity, it maintains moisture in its creamy lather, cleanses refreshingly, and keeps your hair beautiful.