Grapefruit & Freesia



Rich and creamy foam enwraps your skin and lathers generously for sleek finish.
Removes impurities while keeping skin soft... Realizes your ideal skin with botanical power!

1. New technology from the industry of saponified soap*
   Different from soaps produced by the general manufacturing process to put and boil every raw material in a pot at one time,Botanical Bar Skin Soap brings completely new smooth and refreshed feeling on your skin.
   * New technology to make the best of the benefits of plants (manufacturer's survey).
2. Using extra virgin olive oil* as the base material for soap. The power of plant-derived ingredients helps to leave your skin smooth, translucent, and free from tautness.
   * Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil (moisturizing agent)

3. By blending highly effective organic rose water*, this saponified soap can directly supply the beauty effect to your skin with no loss.
  * Rose water (moisturizing agent)

4. Each soap is handmade, by the frame-kneading method.
  We take about 75 days (varies according to seasons) from the production start to the completion of drying of soap, in order to condense and mature the beauty ingredients in it. Thanks to this process, this soap does not easily dissolve so that it can be used up to the end.

5. Quick foaming, creamy bubbles
   Containing black-sugar, the soap lather into a rich, creamy form, so that it has little stimulation to skin.

6. Free from: Synthetic Pigments, Mineral Oil, Paraben, and Alcohol

7. Carefully selected plant-derived ingredients

8. Double fragrance 
 Pure, innocent scent of Grapefruit and Freesia
Botanical Body Soap Moist
(Rose & White Peach)
Botanical Body Soap Light
(Cassis & Leaf Green)
Botanical Bar Skin Soap
(cassis & magnolia)
Botanical Bar Skin Soap
(Grapefruit & Freesia)